Vital Drum Breaks

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🥁 1,300+ Drum Breaks, Percussion Loops, One Shots & Stems

😈 200 Hard & Filthy Drum Breaks in the style of Hip Hop, Neo-Soul & Trap

🌀 658 Multi-Stems & Percussion Loops tracked from each Drum Break

💎 463 One Shots including Kicks, Claps, Snares, Rolls & Percussions

🔥 The Ultimate Drum Pack covering a wide variety of genres

⚙️ Contains over 2.0+ GB of sounds • 1,324 Files in total

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Vital Breaks Demo 🚑

1,300+ Hard Hitting Drum Breaks, One Shots & Multi-Tracked Stems in the Style of Hip Hop, Lo-fi, Trap, DNB, House & Neo-Soul 🔥

No Doubt Drum Break 87 BPM 🔊

HaHaHa Drum Break 87 BPM
You Broke My Heart Drum Break 87 BPM
Need Some Speakers Drum Break 89 BPM
Jenkins Drum Break 84 BPM
He Gotta Journey Drum Break 84 BPM
Jay Dee Unreleased Drum Break 89 BPM

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