Haven Drums

Sale price¥3,139

🥁 140 Dusty Kicks, Bass, Snares, Hi-Hat Loops, Textures & Drum Breaks

🔥 Every sound was crafted and ran through an Analog Tape Machine

🎹 Built with an authenticate 90's R&B and vintage sound in mind

💎 Crafted in the style of H.E.R., Brent Faiyaz and Daniel Ceaser

⚙️ Contains over 300+ MB of sounds • 140 Files in total

Hear the Samples 🔊

Haven Demo 🌴

140 Dusty Drum Breaks, Vintage Hi-Hat Loops, Warm One Shots & Ambient Textures in The Style of Hip Hop, Lo-fi, R&B & Neo-Soul 🔥

Too Late 118 BPM - Haven Demo 🔊

Haven Drum Break 140 BPM
Haven Drum Break 103 BPM
Haven Hi-Hat Loop 127 BPM
Haven Hi-Hat Loop 95 BPM
Haven Kick 14
Haven Snare 7

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